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Dear Distributors,
Please update your profile & upload KYC documents after login. In the case of KYC not available, company will deduct 20% TDS on your payout which you can’t get back from INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT. Only 5% TDS will be deducted If you submit correct KYC documents.



This is to notify to the public that some unscrupulous persons posing themselves as employees/representatives/agents of Raxtan, with ulterior motive to earn wrongful gain and/or cheat the prospective job seekers and students, are fraudulently offering jobs online on certain websites/or through telephone calls or fake letters, soliciting them for jobs in Raxtan, and are asking them to deposit some amount in certain bank accounts. These people are also unauthorisedly using the name, trademark, domain name and logo of Raxtan with a view to tarnish the image and reputation of Raxtan.

We wish to caution the general public that Raxtan have neither appointed nor authorized any person or agency to offer jobs to people online on such websites, or to issue any letters or act on our behalf or use the name, trademark and logo/websites. The public in general are also advised not to fall prey to such fraudulent activities. The Raxtan do not ask, solicit and accept any monies in any form from the candidates/job applicants/potential job seekers, who have applied or wish to apply to us, whether online or otherwise as a pre-employment requirement. Raxtan bears no responsibility for amounts being deposited / withdrawn there from in response to such Offers.

It may be noted that Raxtan follows a formal recruitment process through its own HR department and does not outsource the final selection of prospective employees to any individuals or agencies. Anyone dealing with such fake interview calls would be doing so at his / her own risk and the Raxtan will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by such persons, directly or indirectly. The company strongly recommends that the potential job-seekers should not respond to such solicitations.

Therefore all are advised to exercise caution and not to fall prey to the unscrupulous elements and their advertisements. In case of receipt of any information/intimation on interview/group discussion/employment offer which is not notified in the official website, may be immediately reported to Customer Care, Raxtan, phone : +91 9060886611, email: for taking appropriate action to curb such mala fide activities.


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We are the Direct selling company in India. Our aim is to deliver the best products to our consumer. Raxtan is professionally managed by a team of experienced Leaders and technically qualified front and back-office professionals & staff.

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Raxtan is a certified company and believes in providing world-class service levels to all its customers. Raxtan has created a comprehensive network of distributors, which is constantly expanding every month. Raxtan has continued to enrich the lives of all those who are part of the company and who believe in its products.

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Raxtan was start out of a Life-long Desire and Vision by the founders to empower people to people change their lives and create long lasting financial freedom for their families.

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Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best products in the world.

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